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We design taking in consideration the rhythm of urban life. We want our pieces to stay through the different stages of life, that's why we use real leather, because it is a natural, resistant material that gets better and better over the years. Each piece is handmade in México.




From the volcanic stone we feel the need to design pieces. This material is so linked to ancient cultures of Mexico and is rarely used in contemporary accessories. We mainly design tableware and furniture that highlight the raw material with which they were made.

volcanic stone


We founded Bi Yuu in 2012, with the desire to form a brand specialized in rugs and design textile accessories, under a strong vision of cutting edge, quality and social responsibility.Our rugs tell different stories that dialogue with the Mexican tradition, expressing our inspiration and emotions through a careful combination of color, texture and shape.We make mats that promote collaborative work and sustainability through design.


bi yuu


Our furniture follows simple lines, either orthogonal or concentric. We are proud to use Mexican materials and labor, both for furniture and home accessories.

marble and wood

capital studio


Our project was born in 2013 and is dedicated in creating contemporary objectswith a strong commitment to Mexican identity and craftsmanship. We use natural rocks such as volcanic rock, red travertino, barro negro and metals such as copper and brass, to transform them into innovative forms creating simple and elegant objects.

black clay, tempered glass & talavera

david pompa

We design and produce furniture and contemporary accessories with natural finishes that highlight the simplicity and beauty of wood. In addition to our line of furniture and household made of Wood, we have also made objects in metal, which have been inspired by the southwest Mexican fauna. We seek to represent a tropical modernism that evokes the Caribbean and Latin America. We use artisanal techniques and processes combined with technology to guarantee the best quality in all our products.

tropical noble woods

estudio caribe


Our workshop is focused in the production of pieces in gold leaf and other metals. Representations linked to nature as, leaves, palms, minerals and stones. All our pieces stand out for the delicacy of their manufacture, for the use of a millenary technique that is transformed into new applications and creations, claiming its place and aesthetic use from the contemporary eye.

gold leaf


We design leather bags with a timeless design. We use national leather and natural inking in all our pieces.


gag bag

Our brand designs contemporary tableware, decoration objects and lamps with blown glass, copper, volcanic rock and tropical woods.  Our goal is to offer Latin-American design objects within reach of all pockets.

blown glass, stone, copper & wood


Basic objects that hold a design inspired in the towns and communities of Mexico, combining the functional and the decorative. Our products emphasize simple shapes and highlight the quality of the materials, proposing a balance between the primary and the current context.

ceramics & textiles

lagos del mundo

We create high quality products made by expert hands in palm work. We seek, through them, to share stories, concepts and a way to connect the world with nature, culture, tradition and the hands, the soul and the heart of the artisans.



We want our pieces to incorporate a poetic spirit into everyday life, and to translate the aesthetic richness of nature, into designs of organic and subtle lines.We are specialized in the production of furniture, lighting and home accessories.

volcanic stone & copper


We are an offering to the dynamic processes of exchange between creative human activities, emphasizing the process of dialogue that arises from the displacements, generating traces that are translated into objects. Our collection is a cartography of cultural diversity, craft techniques and materials found in our country (México), which fuses the creative vision of designers and craftsmen from the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, Estado de México, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz and Nayarit.

copper, stone & wood


Dedicated to the design of furniture and accessories for the home that contain marble as the main element. All the pieces I offer are unique and unrepeatable, since each one is handmade by master craftsmen.



Xaquixe is the vocation, discipline and creative action of working with fire and noble glass. Its products are manufactured with recycled glass, having environmental objectives and sustainable culture in Mexico. For us, glass is an art form, so we are continuously innovating in this field. We seek to create high quality pieces with original designs.

blown glass


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