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special projects

we want to collaborate with you!

We get involved in all kinds of projects. We like challenges and work in multidisciplinary teams.


We work for professionals of the sector, interior designers, decorators, architects, designers, bars, restaurants, hotels & real estate complexes, to name a few.


We collaborate with other designers or visual artists in the creation of their works.


All our catalog products can be customized in their dimensions, materials, textiles and colors.


We serve the needs of stores, galleries and warehouses, with exact delivery times and rigorous quality standards.


As part of our work, through events, exhibitions, fairs and markets, we expose Latin American design and its creators to the world. For more information visit our news section.

Execute: Cecilia Bolio & Rodolfo Morales

Client / Projet: Oscar Hagerman, Sillas de México 

Material: Grenadillo, katalox and tzalam woods

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